About Us

The goal at Dead Nuts Firearm LLC is to provide the best value, training, and continued service to our customers with all of their hunting and sport shooting needs. For this reason, we will always price matchour local competitors’ prices. Price match does not include online sales or clearance marked items.

Dead Nuts Firearm LLC started as Dead Nuts Firearm Training in 2012. Everyone always comments on the name and asks where it came from. When I was growing up, I worked with my grandfather on the farm painting, repairing fences, planting trees, etc. Whenever my grandfather thought something was done well, he would say, “that’s dead nuts perfect.” When I decided to start doing CPL and firearm safety courses, I needed a business name. I was chewing the fat with a long-time friend, and off the cuff, he said, “you should call it Dead Nuts Firearm Training,” and that was all she wrote.

Dead Nuts Firearm Training provided both public and private CPL and firearm safety courses across Michigan. Over the ten years from 2012 to 2022, a common question we were asked was if we sold firearms as well. So as COVID began to shut everything down, we decided what better time to start acquiring our FFL so we could offer this service to our students.

Since acquiring our FFL, Dead Nuts Firearm Training officially became Dead Nuts Firearm LLC in April 2020. Where we now provide firearm, ammunition, and accessory sales in addition to both public and private firearm safety and CPL courses. We also do firearm transfers and special orders (down payment required).

Dead Nuts Firearm LLC is a Veteran Owned Business

Business hours are by appointment.